Meet the Assistants



Daunte started working at Beach Pet in January of 2016. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Biology at William and Mary and is now one of our most senior and experienced assistants. Originally from Detroit, Daunte and his family currently reside in Hampton with their two dogs. Daunte and his son Gabe enjoy spending their weekends’ deep-sea fishing for flounder, hunting, camping, and helping take care of the horses on their family’s farm. Daunte is also a team member of the Norfolk Blues rugby team, and he has traveled to play this sport in many different countries. He is also currently considering getting his license to be a personal trainer. Daunte’s favorite part about working at Beach Pet is being a part of our surgery team. He has a special interest in cruciate repairs, in fact, it is his favorite surgery to assist his DVM in!



Kristen is one of our most senior assistants and is also head of our surgery team. She started here in February of 2014 but has been working in the veterinary career field since 2011. She is continuing her education through San Juan College online to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Kristen’s favorite part about working at Beach Pet is watching her patients improve after surgery. She says “There is no better feeling than being a part of a surgery that changes an animal’s life for the better. Whether it is a cancerous mass or repairing a cruciate, surgeries save lives and make them more comfortable. It's an amazing feeling!” She has 2 cats, Butternut and Clive Bixby, and a cattle dog named Ellie. On her days off, Kristen enjoys hiking at any one of Hampton Road’s beautiful natural areas with her husband and young son.



Chloe started volunteering in her free time at Beach Pet to discover if the veterinary field was right for her. She fell in love with the nature of the job on her first day and began taking steps towards becoming a licensed veterinary technician. She is currently a surgery assistant while attending TCC’s veterinary technician program in hopes to pass her Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) in 2021-2022.

Chloe has 2 sweet kitties named Oliver and Scarlett, however, they go my “mister man” and “loaf”. Mister man will knock over anything you place on a table or surface, so don’t set your glass of red wine down around him! Sweet Loaf can be found eating your chicken sandwich when you turn your head or nibbling on the fake plants in the house. Last but not least, Chloe is the owner of a very special chihuahua named Frijoles. Frijoles, also known as beanie baby, can be found snoozing in his favorite jammies. Mr. Bean always sleeps with one eye open to make sure his mother is always close by.

Dr. Golden


Scotty started working on our team in February of 2019. She graduated from TCC in 2014 with an Associates of Science and plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Geology, but found her true passion with animals while working with us! Her new dream job is to work at the Monterey Aquarium with the sea otters and help rehabilitate them back into the wild. She plans on starting the TCC Veterinary Technician program for now as she takes steps towards her future goals. Scotty started here with little previous experience in working in the veterinary field and has flourished into a fantastic assistant very quickly. She has a Maine-Coon Siamese mixed kitty named Simon, and a terrier mix named Phoebe. She is the founder of a book club and enjoys reading novels during her lunch break while our house cat, Orange sits on her lap. When not at Beach Pet she can be found collecting precious gems and minerals, one of her favorite activities.


Neneh was a veterinary assistant at a practice located in northern Virginia and began working with our team after recently moving to Norfolk. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Biology and Archeology in May 2018. She has a large orange kitty named Simba, and he enjoys basking in the sun that shines through her living room window while lying on a fluffy blanket. Neneh likes to dance, draw, and scuba dive while traveling the world. She is a proud Greek-American, and her fondest moments are when visiting her family in Greece. Her favorite thing to do in Greece is snorkeling and free diving in the sea. Neneh is currently applying to veterinary schools in hopes to become an Aquatics Veterinarian in the future!



Alice was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. She worked at a veterinary practice in her home town for 4 years before moving to Virginia Beach, where she found her new family with Beach Pet. Alice’s favorite part about working at Beach Pet is watching the animals grow up. “One day I have a new patient who is a 5-pound puppy, then the next thing I know, that puppy is 80 pounds! Time flies by so fast, and I am so fortunate to be able to watch them grow and live their happiest life”.

Alice has a long-haired kitty named Archer who loves to watch TV and snuggle. Archer thinks he is a dog and even likes to play fetch. She also has a pit bull named Ruby, she is rambunctious and loves to run on the beach and lick anyone and anything. Alice’s favorite hobby is interior decorating. You should see her living room, it looks like it is straight out of HGTV! She also loves to fish, canoe, hike, and absorb the sun rays while laying on the beach. Her favorite TV shows are Parks and Rec and The Office.

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