Meet the Veterinary Assistants



Leilani graduated from Kempsville high school in 2014. She was very active in chorus, playing violin, and volunteering her time to Operation Smile. She has been a great asset to our team since march of 2021. She has experience in both assisting and reception here at BPH, but her official position is assisting our doctors and handling animals. Leilani’s favorite part about working at Beach Pet Hospital is handling angry kitty cats. She takes pride in turning a stressful situation to a pleasant experience for our anxious cats. Leilani has 2 german shepherds named Jax and Taz, a Border Collie named Jarvis, and a kitty cat named Alfred.

Leilani’s favorite things to do are baking, crafting, and watching Harry Potter. She enjoys crocheting penguin shaped pillows and vinyl crafts with her cricut. She enjoys sipping red wine while watching the sun set and painting the view of the Japanese maple tree in her backyard. Her idea of a perfect day is going to brunch and ordering a crabcake eggs benedict then taking a road trip to the outer banks with her family and soaking up the sun.



Ericca was raised in a military family and has been to quite a few places! She has lived in California, Nebraska, North Carolina, Florida, and Germany. She attended North Carolina Wesleyan College in 2019 and achieved an environmental science award. She is also very talented at soccer and has won competitive awards for the sport. She started working at Beach Pet in June of 2021, and her favorite part about working in the field is helping sick animals get back to health, and seeing the happiness on their family’s faces. She also enjoys working with exotics and spending time with different species possessing differing qualities and personalities.

Ericca has a german shepherd named Remy, a mini aussie named Willow, a boxer mix named Luna, and a kitty cat named Milton. She also has 2 ferrets named Mushroom and Ember.

Ericca’s hobbies include painting, rollerblading, surfing, and playing soccer. Her idea of a perfect day is waking up at a beach resort and painting the sunrise then spending the day surfing in the sun. She would finish the day eating chicken nuggets and going rollerblading with her boyfriend. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and her spirit animal is an octopus.


Mary Catherine

Mary Catherine attended Hickory High School in Chesapeake, Virginia in her teenage years. Her favorite part about living in Chesapeake was having a large amount of land to take care of her chickens. She then went to Tidewater Community College to obtain her college level degree. Mary Catherine has 3 cats named Bella, Chloe, and Luna. Bella often has to save Chloe from trees that she climbs then forgets how to get down from. Luna prefers to stay away from trees, and instead cuddle under blankets and sit in her house that is shaped and decorated like a cupcake. It is even cuter than it sounds. Mary Catherine also has a mini goldendoodle named Willow who likes to give hugs and high-fives. She started working with our team in September of 2022, and her favorite part about veterinary medicine is the educational aspect. She enjoys learning and applying her knowledge to take care of her own pets at home.

Mary Catherine enjoys attending concerts and music festivals during her time outside of work. She likes all types of music except for country. She will actually turn off our radio at work if it is playing Jason Aldean. She also likes to spend time outside during her favorite season which is spring. Her idea of a perfect day is waking up and feeding her chickens and watching them roam, then riding her four-wheeler with friends. She would then order a pizza to enjoy with her girlfriends while they do their makeup to get ready and hit the next concert.

Meet the Kennel Assistants



Spencer graduated from Ocean Lakes Highschool in June of 2011. He grew up locally in Virginia Beach and his favorite part about our city is going to the beach. He likes the weather best when it is a perfect medium and not too hot and not too cold.. He started working at Beach Pet Hospital in August of 2014, and he is an amazing kennel assistant! Spencer is in charge of our linens and laundry, kennel maintenance, as well as organizing our outside space. You may find him outside making sure our yard looks impeccable. He has 3 dogs named Sadie, Maya, and Stormy. He also has 2 family kitty cats named Fireball and Crush.

Spencer’s hobbies include drawing and playing video games. He is also very talented at coming up with interesting story ideas. We believe he would be a great movie director! In fact, someday he wants to be a voice actor. His idea of a perfect day is going on a road trip with his family and enjoying the day with them. He likes many genres of music, but his favorite is Metal.

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