Meet the Receptionists




Lauren has a great deal of experience in both reception and veterinary assisting. She also worked as a surgical assistant at our hospital for Dr. Back. She is currently our lead receptionist and also helps with some management within the hospital. She loves to build strong relationships with her clients, which is why she excels in client communication. She has 2 frenchies named Memphis and Brixton, and 2 kitty cats named Toodles and Turk. She also has an african grey bird named Henry.

Lauren’s hobbies include spending time with her husband and 2 children. She has a special love for cooking and enjoys sharing tasty new recipes for her family. Her favorite restaurant is Cracker Barrel because she loves homestyle cooking. Lauren can also be found cheering on her children at their school soccer games.




Mackenzie started at Beach Pet as a receptionist in September of 2019. Her favorite part about working at Beach Pet is that no day is ever the same. She says “Every day at work is always so different. I have seen different species and types of animals such as Monitor lizards that I would not get the privilege of seeing while working at many other places. It's amazing and keeps each and every day enjoyable and interesting. We never get bored at Beach Pet Hospital!”.

Mackenzie has a German Shepherd named Braun who loves to play with his ball and loves kisses and a mixed breed named Max who loves to snuggle and follow her around the house. Her idea of a day in paradise is taking Max and Braun to the park or spending time with her younger brother Elijah who has muscular dystrophy. If she is not with her dogs or her brother you can find her at the beach soaking up the sun with a strawberry daiquiri in hand.


Lydia is finishing her biology major at Old Dominion University with goals of attending medical school to become a human M.D. She grew up locally in Virginia Beach, and her favorite part about living here is sunbathing and swimming at the beach. She started working at Beach Pet in February of 2021. Her favorite part about working in veterinary medicine is talking to and petting the kitty cats that visit our hospital. She has 2 indoor cats named Mushu and Iago, and 2 outdoor cats named Miso and Zuko. Want to hear something funny? Lydia is allergic to cats! No, it does not stop her. In fact she is our biggest cat lover in the hospital.

Her hobbies include going on runs and hanging out with her family. Her idea of a perfect day is waking up to a delicious breakfast while watching her cats play, then drinking margaritas on the beach with her family. Lydia loves summer weather and listening to music from the 70s.

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