COVID Restriction Changes

We are excited to announce that starting June 1st, 2021, we will be allowing clients in the building for their pet’s appointments. If you are still social distancing and taking further precautions, that's okay too! We will keep curbside options available for those who would like to remain outside of the building. Technician appointments, sample drop offs, and refill pickups will remain curbside at this time. Masks will still be required by all staff and clients that enter the building, regardless of vaccination status. This restriction will be discussed again at a further date. When arriving for your pet’s appointment, you will call in to let us know you are here. We will call you when we have a doctor and staff member available to assist you. You will come into the building and be asked to use our hand sanitizer. You will be put directly into an exam room, and wait to be greeted by a veterinary assistant. At this time, your assistant will get your pet’s vital signs before the doctor comes in. You will have face to face interaction with your pet’s doctor who will answer any questions you may have and go over the exam findings.

Please keep in mind that our team is still short staffed. During this transition the staff will have to take even further precautions to keep clients and our personnel safe. This takes time! Cleaning solutions require contact time on surfaces to ensure disinfection. Each and every surface must be wiped and thoroughly cleaned. Exam rooms must be ventilated. Our staff works very hard and have many jobs behind the scenes that you may or may not be aware of. Our veterinary assistants do everything from holding your pet during their exam, run diagnostics, enter invoice charges, gather medications, and so much more. We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience while being scheduled, waiting for your appointment, and waiting to be checked out. Please keep in mind that this is also a learning curve for us. We have hired new faces that are excited to see you, but have not yet experienced our protocols before COVID-19. They are working very hard to learn the position to be the most efficient assistant they can be for you. We greatly appreciate your patience while we all adapt to these changes.

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