COVID-19 Statement to Public

Dear Beach Pet Hospital Family and Friends,

At Beach Pet Hospital we take the health of our patients, clients, and team members very seriously. At this time our furry friends are not expected to be impacted by this issue. However, as you are their primary caregivers and we support you in that role, we must all stay healthy as well.

We want you to be assured that we are practicing good hygiene as always. We will continue to follow our current cleaning protocols and implement additional measures as they come to our attention. For now, we will plan to clean all contact surfaces (keyboards, phones, clipboards, credit card machines, door handles, countertops, etc.) every half hour.

Please call us if you are medically vulnerable or just anxious about mixing with people and we will make appropriate arrangements for you. When you arrive please call our office and as soon as a room is available, we will come to get you or call you to come in. This will limit your time waiting in the waiting room.

For the next month, we are postponing all nail trims and reconditioning appointments.

All tech visits: we are asking you to drive around to the back of our building, call to let us know you are here and we will come to you.

Dogs that are in need of an injection or vaccine booster: we will have you get them out of the car and it will be done easily with you outside.

Cats: we will come to get them and bring them in the build and return them to you in the car.

If your pet has a special need, we will accommodate them accordingly.

Payments can be taken at the car as well or a credit card authorization form can be placed on file.

Please call us 24 hours in advance for any medication refills so we can expedite your check out. When you arrive please call from the car and we will bring your prescription to you so that you don’t have to come into the building. We have credit card machines that will work outside, or you can fill out a credit card authorization form that we can keep on file.

We would ask that when possible only one person accompanies their pet to an appointment. This is to reduce overcrowding in rooms and unnecessary close contact. We are asking that no children come with you on visits for the next month. Our clients and patients are like family to all of us and we want you safe as well as our team.

With everyone’s help, we will do our best to continue to live our lives as normally as possible during this unusual time.

Thank you,
Your Beach Pet Family

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